There is so much to love about your baby. First, they are a precious little life that you helped make. That is most important. But then they have the cutest eyes and a smile that will light up any room. And those tiny little hands. They are so adorable. But...


Your baby's hands and arms can be problematic when they are dealing with certain medical conditions. Infant eczema is a good example. So is healing from any kind of facial surgery, like surgery for a cleft lip and/or cleft palate.


Those little arms and hands are constantly exploring. Unfortunately, hands getting anywhere near a surgical site or a skin rash can only make things worse. The problem is that your baby cannot control their movements.


Exploring and Learning


We are not exactly sure why human babies take so long to develop motor control whereas certain species of animals have it almost immediately. Perhaps it's because animals need to adapt more quickly to survive. At any rate, all those arm and hand movements by your baby represent an attempt to explore and learn the world around them.


Infants learn by experience. They learn by touching, feeling, smelling, and hearing. Anything that triggers their senses helps them learn. So those arms and hands moving about are not constantly in motion just because your baby lacks motor control. It's also because their little brain is trying to understand the world.


They cannot understand that you don't want their hands near their face. They can't understand that the best chances of that surgical site healing are linked to them not touching it. All they know is that the world is an exciting place, and they want to experience all of it.


Babies Are so Amazing


The constant need to learn and explore is one of the things that makes babies so amazing. Likewise, it's one of our motivations for developing our patent-pending sleeping sack. The CozeeCoo is all about letting your baby be their amazing self while protecting them against hands and arms they can't control.


CozeeCoo is almost like an organic cotton wearable blanket you put on over your child's diaper and onesie. It will fit nicely over most infant outfits. The CozeeCoo is a breathable fabric, which prevents excessive movement of the arms while still allowing free movement of the legs and hips. And no, your baby's arms will not be bound in place. In fact, the hands, arms and elbows are only restricted from reaching above the chest. This way their face is safe from scratching all while allowing for repositioning during rolling. Don't forget motor skills and developing muscles, which can continue thriving too.


Your baby deserves every shot at being as healthy as possible. They deserve to be able to explore the world around them. Protecting them with a CozeeCoo is one of the things you can do to give them that opportunity to grow while on a healing journey.


These Days Will Pass


We understand how challenging it is to care for a baby with a serious medical condition. If we could, we would wave a magic wand and make it all go away. The best we can do is offer you our wearable baby blanket with built-in comfortable arm restraints. We can also offer you a bit of encouragement: these days will pass.


Your baby will grow and learn. Eventually they will have the motor control to keep arms and hands in check. And as they grow, they are going to learn a lot of new things. So even though caring for your baby may be challenging now, you're not alone. Our CozeeCoo community is a gift of support all on its own. We can watch in amazement together as our little loves become the people they will eventually be. And we can feel comforted that they'll have each other too.