The CozeeCoo® Wearable Baby Blanket

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*Please Note:

Our Size Chart is based off of the World Health Organization (WHO) child growth standards.

The arm span measurement is comparable to the baby's height measurement. The arm span measurement is the most accurate way to determine the correct size.

An arm span measurement is from the baby's fingertips across the arm, chest and to the opposite fingertips.

Washer & Dryer Safe

Care Instructions:

Laundry machine washer (cold water) and dryer safe. Tumble dry on low heat or dry flat. Otherwise shrinking can occur. We recommend using a fragrance-free detergent (if it's also a dye-free and artificial brighteners-free detergent that is even better). Do not bleach. Iron Safe.


The materials we use are important for our cause. The CozeeCoo is made from 100% certified Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS®) cotton fabric throughout including the sew-in interfacings and labels. Our metal snaps are nickel-free and lead-free tested. The fabric is lightweight, hypoallergenic (free from nickel, lead, latex, toxic dyes or substances, bleach, formaldehyde and fragrances) and naturally stretches with a knit interlocking.


We have a highly standardized, ethical and transparent manufacturing process using a GOTS® certified facility in India. Quoted by GOTS®: "GOTS® prohibits the use of all chemicals that don’t meet stringent criteria for toxicity and / or those which are harmful to humans and environment; regulates the treatment of any wastewater, and eliminates the use of harmful processing techniques that can cause ad-verse effects on workers’ health & safety, while ensuring compliance through a strict independent inspection and certification system. Furthermore, the textile processing facilities are inspected annually by ac-credited third party certifying bodies for social and environment compliance and the end products are required to be tested as per Risk Assessment done by the certifying bodies."

Eco-Friendly Packaging

Our corrugated cardboard is left in its natural kraft (brown) color state. Our materials are 100% recyclable. Since our product is meant for babies with skin sensitivities we chose not to use already recycled materials as there are more food contaminants, glue resins and chemical inks from newspapers and receipts reported in recycled cardboard and papers. So although we very much recommend recycling, we simply don't make it a starting point for our littles who need a bit of extra protection while their immune systems are gaining strength.

How to

Dressing. Diaper Changing.

Sleeping. Car Seats.

How to CozeeCoo®


To dress baby, first snap the front flap together. You can adjust the height later. Slip baby's legs through the leg holes so the snaps are at baby's front. Loop one arm into the connected sleeve and then the other arm. Gently pull the back piece up to the back of baby's neck. You'll want to make sure baby cannot reach their face. Adjust the snaps as needed to accomplish this. If baby is teething you can give them more length to just reach their mouth.

Diaper Changing: 

The front snaps are also great for easy diaper changes. If baby will take any opportunity to touch their face, the caregiver can loop their arm through the tubed sleeve. This holds baby's arms down while still having two, free hands to change their diaper.


The CozeeCoo® is a wearable blanket that can work while sleeping. The CozeeCoo® can prevent babies from waking themselves up from scratching. The caregiver sleeps better not only because baby stays asleep but also because there is relief in knowing that baby is safe. Please practice safe sleep. The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) is a wonderful resource.

Car Seats: 

CozeeCoo® can be worn in a car seat. Car rides are no longer a stressful experience. Baby can no longer harm themselves while their caregiver is focused on driving. Baby's hands just need to be by their sides before being securely buckled in.

When using the CozeeCoo®

Be sure to take your baby's arms out of the CozeeCoo® regularly for arm exercises.

The CozeeCoo® is intended to be worn over a diaper and/or clothing that is snug fitted and breathable (ideally 100% cotton).

We caution against wearing baby products over the CozeeCoo® such as an additional swaddle blanket, clothing, jacket, sleeping sack, etc.

Please do not pick up your baby by the CozeeCoo® garment.

Please use caution if your baby is healing from a circumcision surgery or any groin related complications. Because our design loops under the baby's legs, extended arm movements could apply added pressure to the groin area. That being said, following instructions from your doctor and using a padded diaper should be caution enough.

Please practice safe sleep. The American Academy of Pediatrics is a wonderful resource.

Babies should be under adult supervision at all times while wearing the CozeeCoo®.