Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What size should I chose especially if my baby is between sizes?

A:  Please refer to CozeeCoo®'s Size Chart. The arm span (fingertips, across the arm, chest, opposite arm and opposite fingertips) is the most accurate measurement to go by when chosing the correct size.

If your baby is between sizes, we recommend opting for the larger size. If you're purchasing for a future surgery date, please consider how old your baby will be at the time of surgery. If your baby is very itchy and wriggles quite a bit, please consider ordering a size down. The CozeeCoo® should fit comfortably. The fabric should drape over the shoulders without pulling while the logo sits under the diaper (not in front).

**If your baby can reach their face with their hands or wriggle out, then the size is too large.**

While we are confident in our Size Chart as it's based off of the World Health Organization (WHO) child growth standards, we also understand measurements come in an array of beautiful baby figures. If you find the CozeeCoo® is not fitting properly, please be sure to reach out to our Contact Page so we can figure out the best fit together.

Q: Can the CozeeCoo® be used while sleeping; even if rolling?

A: Yes. The CozeeCoo® is defined as a wearable blanket or sleep sack (Not a swaddle) where the arms, chest and body are Not compressed. This allows for repositioning while sleeping. The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) states: "Sleep sacks that do not swaddle and allow the baby to move freely can be used indefinitely." They also state "Babies up to 1 year of age should always be placed on their back to sleep during naps and at night. However, if your baby has rolled from his back to his side or stomach on his own, he can be left in that position if he is already able to roll from tummy to back and back to tummy." Please practice safe sleep. The AAP is a wonderful resource (

Q: Where do you ship and how fast?

A:  CozeeCoo® ships globally through UPS and USPS. Service titles and calculated shipping estimates from UPS and USPS are available at checkout. For details on our shipping, customs and import regulation policies please visit our Terms and Conditions page.

Q: I'm interested in the CozeeCoo® but the international shipping prices are too costly. Why is this and what can I do?

A: CozeeCoo® is a new business (launched March, 2021). Our fulfillment center is located in New Jersey in the United States. As we grow, we will be able to forge partnerships with fulfillment centers internationally, which would significantly lower shipping costs to our customers abroad.

Until then, we ship internationally with the
services UPS and USPS are able to offer.
Please refer to our Terms and Conditions page for more information on our International Shipping and Customs Policies. For example, Canada's customs department can charge an additional $40 once the package arrives at the destination country. They will hold the package until the fee is paid.

For those in Singapore, the CozeeCoo® is stocked with Little Warriors who is happy to answer any shipping questions. The currency displayed is in SGD.

Q: Where is the CozeeCoo® stocked?

A:  CozeeCoo® can be purchased directly from our website and is shipped globally from Princeton, New Jersey, United States.

We are also stocked with
 Little Warriors in Singapore, Southeast Asia (the currency displayed is in SGD).

Q: Is the CozeeCoo® garment made from organic materials?

A: Yes. The CozeeCoo® is made from Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certified 100% cotton fabric including the sew-in interfacing fabric and labels. CozeeCoo®'s fabrics are lightweight and hypoallergenic (free from: nickel, rubber, latex, toxic dyes or substances, bleach, formaldehyde and fragrances). We also use knitted interlocking loops for a natural stretch.

Q: Can the CozeeCoo® be worn right out of packaging?

A: Yes. The CozeeCoo® comes from a Global Organic Textile Standard certified manufacturing facility. In short, it's as clean as it gets.

Our corrugated cardboard is also made with sensitive skin in mind. We do not use recycled materials as more food contaminants, glue resins and chemical inks from newspapers and receipts are reported in recycled cardboard and papers. At the same time our materials are 100% recyclable and we very much recommend recycling. We simply don't make it a starting point for our littles who need a bit of extra protection while their immune systems are gaining strength.

The outside package has been traveling, however. So after opening the package we recommend washing your hands before touching the CozeeCoo®. Then please feel free for your little love to wear the CozeeCoo® right away.

Q: Can I use the CozeeCoo® in a car seat?

A:  Yes. The CozeeCoo® does not alter the way a car seat operates, which like clothing is safe for your baby to wear in their car seat. Just be sure your baby's hands are by their sides before being securely buckled in.

Q: Can I use the CozeeCoo® in the hospital?

A:  Please share the CozeeCoo® with your medical teams to make it part of your healing plan. We are a brand new product (launched March 2021) and in this way everyone including medical personnel is learning about us. We want medical teams to feel confident in how they treat their patients. Some facilities will utilize the CozeeCoo® garment in the hospital while others prefer the CozeeCoo® to be used for at home recovery. If your hospital would like to learn more and/or stock CozeeCoo® brochures for their patients, please have them contact

Q: Is the CozeeCoo® a medical device?

A: Yes. CozeeCoo® is listed and registered with the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as a medical device. There is a transition period for our products to go from simply a wearable blanket to a medical device with Unique Device Identification (UDI) labels.

Q: What is CozeeCoo®'s mission?

A: CozeeCoo®'s mission is to help babies thrive. Our goal is to stock CozeeCoo®s with pediatric facilities worldwide so we can be where we're needed, when we're needed.

Q: Do you recommend passing forward the CozeeCoo®?

A:  Yes. This is in line with our mission. Thank you for being a community that cares of each other in this way. If you are interested in passing forward the CozeeCoo®, please consider bleaching the garment at least once before passing it forward.

Our care label is created to support the long lifespan of our garment. For this reason the care label states to not bleach the garment. At the same time, the CozeeCoo® is often used for babies on a medical journey where bodily fluids soak into the fabric. In this case, one bleach cycle in a home washing machine is recommended before passing it forward.

Q: How can I help spread CozeeCoo®'s awareness?

A: Thank you for wanting to help us help others. The continued support from CozeeCoo®'s community means everything and is so very beautiful to witness.

Please share us with your medical teams. You can leave a review on our our Home Page or Shop Page (after the description tab), Google and Facebook. We love featuring our CozeeCoo® babies on our Instagram page. Please send a direct message @cozeecoo with a photo of your little love. Permission is always asked for before we post. If you would simply like to share how things are going, we love messages.

Q: I'm a medical professional and I'm interested in the CozeeCoo®. How can I learn more?

A: Thank you for your interest in the CozeeCoo® for your patients. We value our healthcare provider relationships and are happy to work with you so that CozeeCoo® can be where it's needed when it's needed. By filling out our Healthcare Provider Form along with a message we are happy to send you some helpful tools including CozeeCoo® brochures and/or our vendor package.

It should be noted at this time the CozeeCoo® is registered as a medical device solely in the United States with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The CozeeCoo® is sold internationally as a wearable baby blanket. Additionally, I am always available for inquiries directly at I look forward to connecting.

For further questions please visit our Contact Page.