Guest Blogger, Mama of Two and Founder of Little Warriors in Singapore, Yong Qiao Qing Talks About Her Family's Eczema Journey 

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Little Warrior's Eczema Journey

  Little Warriors SG

Hello fellow warriors! My name is Qiao Qing. I’m a Mama to two little eczema warriors in Singapore and here’s our story.


2016: Getting To Know Eczema With Big Sis

I started noticing rashes on her neck and folds of her limbs when I introduced cow’s milk formula to her. Her rashes had been bothersome throughout her younger days but mostly manageable until she entered preschool at 2 years old. At that time, I did not have much knowledge of food allergies. Within a week of eating whatever the school served, she erupted in rashes all over her body. She scratched until she bled from her wounds. Managing her skin and diet became so overwhelming that I eventually had to resign from my corporate job to care for her.




2020: History Repeating Itself With Lil Sis

With my younger daughter, I discovered rashes on her the day she was born. The hospital nurses took her away for her first bath and when she returned, I peeled back her hospital swaddle to see bright red rashes. I knew immediately that I had my second eczema baby and my world absolutely crashed.

By the time she was 6 months old, she had red, weepy rash on her cheeks, calves and arms. We were exclusively breastfeeding and I stopped eating common food allergens like dairy, eggs, nuts, seafood and gluten. I struggled with keeping to the strict diet and was constantly wrecked with guilt if I had eaten something that might have worsened her itch.



Creating A Solution For Our Baby’s Pain

She cried all the time from the discomfort and would rub herself until her clothes were soaked in blood. Conventional mittens did not work because she would pull them off. Garments with Velcro, zippers or embellishments would be used as her scratch tools and she would create deep wounds with them. Wherever we went, she would be the subject of stares, rude questions and hurtful comments.  

I told my husband that we needed to make our own clothes to protect her skin, because there was none in the market that could meet my requirements. I wanted clothes that were soft, breathable and would not cause my baby to overheat in the hot Singapore weather. I also wanted padded mittens to cushion her skin from her sharp nails.  

Being the resourceful person that he is, my husband mounted a search and quickly linked me up with tailors, garment makers and fabric suppliers. Along the way, he convinced me that we could create a viable business of selling clothes that would help other families struggling in the same difficult journey.  

At that time, I was an emotional wreck and I cried every night for the pain that my children had to experience. I agreed to give the business idea a go because I needed a bigger purpose in life to pull myself out of the trenches. 


little warriors eczema


2021: Little Warriors Was Born

On Lil Sis’s first birthday, we launched Little Warriors with one single product – the Eczema Protective Sleeves. The business was born out of immense pain for my children’s suffering and my hope that our family’s experience can help other families.  

It was at that time when I got to know Jennifer, who was also preparing to launch the CozeeCoo. We connected on Instagram and quickly developed a friendship because our experiences were so similar. We would chat late into the night (across our time zones) and support each other through the struggles of raising children while starting our businesses.


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The CozeeCoo became a critical part of our sleep routine to stop my daughter from scratching her face. She would wear Little Warriors’ Protective Sleeves when she is awake and the CozeeCoo when it is time to sleep. She loves the CozeeCoo so much that even though her face is now healed, she still insists to wear her CozeeCoo before she goes to bed. It was such a staple for us that we now offer the CozeeCoo on Little Warrior's website.

Now, my daughters are 6 and 2 years old. Their eczema conditions are under control because we have figured out most of their eczema triggers. They continue to maintain a strict diet but they now lead happy, healthy lives. Little Warriors now provides tips, advice and relatable musings on our social media accounts to let other parents know that they are not alone in their struggles.    

With much love,
Yong Qiao Qing
Founder and Chief Warrior at Little Warriors SG

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